The INSIGHT TRAVEL story begins with Mr. Bob Ashworth, a former Volunteer Services Organization (VSO) Field Director for Ghana, who after living in Ghana for a while, realized that the best way to experience the Country was to be in the company of Ghanaians set up Insight Travel in Preston, UK.

After Bob left Ghana, the Kyereme family took over the management of the Company. Through the Company, many people from all corners of the world have had the opportunity to visit and experience Ghana. The company grew and had a branch office in the UK for a while. It’s partner organization Insight Travel & Educational Services was also registered in the state of California.

The company continued to organize Customized Individual and Group vacations to Ghana all year round. However, the passing of the family member managing the company in Ghana and the relocation of other family members outside of Ghana, dimmed the energy of our operations. The company suspended its operations for sometime but we are back strong and energized with the next generation of family members managing the new Insight Tours and Services.


Insight Tours and Services


8th June, 2021


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